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Share Data - Derilinx

Share data for greater insights

Improve secure data sharing to
enable rich insights and to
inform decision-making.

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Smart Cities

Build data-driven Smart Cities

Use data to help solve urban problems resulting in smarter and more connected cities.

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Data Intelligence - Derilinx

Innovate using data Intelligence

Optimise business decisions and performance through data analysis and visualisations.

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Ckan - Derilinx

Improve data access with CKAN

Ensure information is easy to find, access and reuse with a fully managed CKAN catalogue.

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Start publishing data with datAdore

datAdore is the easiest and quickest way to get started with data publishing. Create your own customised data portal and start adding datasets immediately.

We provide support for public and private organisations of all sizes. No technical know-how or coding is required and your data portal can easily be enhanced with new features.

Open Data for Public Bodies

Helping public bodies to publish high-quality, reusable Open Data.

The Derilinx team has been leading Linked and Open Data developments, both in Ireland and internationally, since 2010. We have a proven track record working with both public and private-sector bodies.

Making Open Data easier to discover, understand and use improves the accessibility of data, paving the way for evidence-based decision-making, rich business intelligence, and advanced data innovation.

Identify Data through a Data Audit

Prepare Data for Publication

Make Data Accesible Online

Add to Open Data Portal

Create insights with analytics & visualisation

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SEAI Ireland
Cork Smart Gateway
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