Hale and Hearty Knowledge Base and Data Catalogue now live!

By Katharine Cooney,  Data Analyst at Derilinx

We are proud to announce that the Hale & Hearty Knowledge Base and Data Catalogue are now live!

The Hale and Hearty Knowledge Base is a project led by the Irish Government – Open Data Unit in the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER), supported by the EU Connecting European Facility (CEF).

The project aims to make health and wellbeing information more easily accessible to the public – to use this information to improve their own health and wellbeing and to see it in the context of their personal health information and activities. The project provides health and wellbeing related information, open data and a health and wellbeing desktop app (mobile version coming soon). Data is available dynamically through an API,  as well as via user-friendly interfaces, dashboards and maps.

The programme partners are:

Hale and Hearty Partners

The partners  have  been  selected  to  cover  key  areas  of  the  data  chain  for  health  and  wellbeing resources.  

We recently presented the project to the CKAN community at CKAN Monthly Live – you can watch the recording hereYou can also read more about the project on the Hale and Hearty website.

As part of an EU CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) funded programme, Derilinx together with the programme partners have built a Health & Wellbeing Knowledge Base. This Knowledge Base constitutes a powerful solution that enables the general public to have access in an interactive manner to multiple Health & Wellbeing related information provided across a range of partners (Local Authorities, Sport Authorities, Central Government, etc). Advanced search functionalities including both geo and non-geo data have been designed to deliver a user-friendly experience within the Knowledge Base, facilitating access to information with the view to deliver against the targeted outcome to improve sport related activities.

Hale and Hearty Home Page

Derilinx have worked on all aspects of the project, from the user requirements to the implementation of the map and knowledge base, and we are very proud to announce that the Hale & Hearty Knowledge Base and Data Catalogue are now live.

We will keep improving this project and we would really appreciate your feedback as a user. Once you visit the site, we invite you to fill out this Hale & Hearty site survey to let us know how we are doing.

Using the Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base offers several options for how to locate your search, either click on the map to drop a pin or enter an address or Eircode. You can then adjust the search radius before clicking on “Show Results” to display health and wellbeing facilities and amenities in the chosen area. 

Hale and Hearty Search


At this stage, you can filter your search by either entering a keyword, such as “gym or selecting a category (e.g. “Sports Activity Location”).  At the bottom of the left column is displayed the number of data points displayed on the map. 

Hale and Hearty Filter


Clicking on the location will display details of the facility or amenity. It also provides a link to the data source. 

Hale and Hearty Location

We hope you will try out this new application and let us know how you get on. 

Hale and Hearty is a project  led  by  the  Irish  Government,  supported  by  the  EU  Connecting  Europe Facility  (CEF).  Hale and Hearty is funded by the European Commission’s Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, under the 2019 Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Telecom Call -Public Open Data (CEF-TC-2019-2). 

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