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Mark Warren and Pierre Baviera interviewed at EU Support Centre for Data Sharing “Data Talks”

Mark Warren (OGCIO) and Pierre Baviera (Derilinx) talked to David Regeczi in Data Talks, an initiative of the EU Support Centre for Data Sharing.

In this data talk they discussed with David how the strategy for Ireland was built and how it compares to other national strategies in Europe. They also discussed Derilinx’s work on smart cities and how to build trust around data collection, and touch upon data governance in practical terms.

As the Assistant Principal at OGCIO (the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer in Ireland) Mark Warren worked closely with Derilinx to develop the National Public Service Data Catalogue for the government of Ireland. Pierre Baviera is the CEO at Derilinx, an organisation with rich experience in working with open data, linked data, and data governance.

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Find the entire story of this interview at the EU Data Sharing Practice Examples website 

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