Open Data Powered App “Women in Water – Breaking Barriers” by the World Bank Water Practice and Derilinx

The new interactive version of the Breaking Barriers tool is live! 

Water is a crucial source of jobs, both directly, as an employer in water services, and indirectly, through the economic opportunities that depend on water. Women remain an untapped resource for the water sector – only 1 in 5 utility employees are female. Greater diversity is linked to higher financial performance, innovation and customer satisfaction.

Breaking BarriersThe Breaking Barriers tool, developed by the World Bank Water Practice and Derilinx, was launched in July 2020.
The tool presents a visual representation of the survey results from the Women in Water Utilities: Breaking Barriers report, and additional surveys collected as part of the Equal Aqua platform. It contains global and regional averages for gender diversity, inclusive policies, and female-friendly work environments. Institutions can use it to compare their performance to other institutions in their region and globally.

We are delighted to announce that the new interactive version of the Breaking Barriers tool is now live. Whilst previously a static visualisation of the report, the new version allows users to drill down into more granular, regional data, filtering by Region or Institution Size.

This version also provides improved data visualisations, translation into French and Spanish and improved accessibility options, as well as a greatly expanded (and continuously growing) database of institutions.

You can access the tool here.

This work is the fruit of a close partnership between the World Bank Water Practice team and Derilinx. It represents once again the transition from the “data published” stage to “data linked and visualised” stage to create sustainable impact aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

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