Climate Mineral Explorer

Open Data Powered Application “Climate Mineral Explorer” by the World Bank Energy & Extractives Practice and Derilinx

A Climate-Smart Mining Dashboard – “From Mine to Electric Vehicle: Building Green and More Resilient Lithium Supply Chains”.

Climate Mineral Explorer (CME) is live! Another successful project, in collaboration with the World Bank Energy and Extractives Practice, putting Open Data in action to contribute to a more sustainable world. This project is aligned with SDG 13 “Climate Action” and builds on the work of the Climate-Smart Mining Initiative (CSM).

Climate Mineral ExplorerThe Climate Mineral Explorer App is an interactive tool that provides an overview of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as other Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) aspects of critical minerals supply chains, from mine to clean energy technologies.

This app is the fruit of a close partnership between the World Bank Energy and Extractives Practice team and Derilinx. It represents once again the transition from the “data published” stage to “data linked and visualised” stage to create sustainable impact aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Congratulations and thanks to Derilinx for your hard work on delivering the Climate Mineral Explorer. We are very pleased with how it has developed and I hope you are as well. We have received positive feedback on it already!
We look forward to keeping in touch as platform hopefully develops to include other minerals.

Susana Moreira, Senior Gas Specialist - Energy and Extractives Global Practice at the World Bank

Examples of the tool (click images to enlarge)

CME Data Snapshot
Data Snapshot
Top Supply Chains
Top Supply Chains
CME Build Your Own Supply Chain
Build Your Own Supply Chain
CME Policies and Regulations
Policies and Regulations

Read more about the topic and the platform in this World Bank’s blog post: “How to secure a sustainable lithium supply chain for electric vehicles?” by Susana Moreira, Celia Pannetier and Catalina Aguiar Parera.

About Climate Mineral Explorer

The Climate Mineral Explorer (CME) focuses on the materiality of the low-carbon transition, required to combat the threat of climate change and the scale of increase in demand for critical minerals for the transition such as aluminium, copper and lithium (World Bank, 2017; World Bank, 2020). 

CME maps mineral supply chains from extraction to end-use of low-carbon technologies, identifying where greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are located within each step of the supply chain. It provides information on the energy and transportation GHG emissions for one electric vehicle associated with the supply chain, as well as key information to enable users to make decisions regarding how these emissions could be minimised while ensuring a steady supply of critical minerals globally.

In this first version, CME 1.0 provides a view of the GHG, energy and shipping footprints for stakeholders along the supply chain of lithium, a mineral that is critical to deploy electric vehicles (EV) at scale to enhance climate action. This dashboard compares different lithium supply chain routes from mine to end user to determine possible options to reduce GHG emissions, shipping emissions and energy use, in accordance with user preferences and country location.

Data and information for this dashboard are drawn from publicly available sources, including the Argonne National Laboratory and International Energy Agency, and was obtained via an extensive review of literature. This data provides estimates of country and supply-chain stage estimates of energy, shipping and GHG emissions.

This data is then used in the dashboard to provide information on the key global lithium-EV supply chains, all the while enabling users to customise their own supply chain and compare the emissions footprint of their supply chain against others. Information and data are then provided to users to help them understand their options in reducing their GHG emissions.

About Climate-Smart Mining

Video summarising why climate-smart mining is needed for a low-carbon future. World Bank Group

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