Business Intelligence

Gain valuable insights from your data with Data Analytics and Visualisation Tools

Solving problems with Business Intelligence

Data is a valuable resource and can be used to drive decision-making, fuel innovation and inspire change.
In order for data to be useful, it has to be easy to find, easy to use and of high quality.

Derilinx offers end-to-end BI solutions to optimise business decisions through advanced machine learning and visualisation.


Problem Definition

A clear understanding of the business objective will drive the overall approach of the project, from measuring current behaviour to predicting future trends, and optimising core processes.


Accessible Data for Valuable Insights

A key requirement for business intelligence is reliable, secure and flexible access to data. Having an understanding of what data is available and its quality will shape the approach taken. The data can be extracted using Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes and may require cleaning to improve data quality and enrich the information.


Selecting the Model for You

We will define the best BI solution that meets your needs, applying advanced modelling, visualisation, and analysis techniques.


Implementation and Evaluation

Through an agile series of implementation and testing phases, we finetune the solution in collaboration with you, to ensure to be certain it achieves the business objectives.


Actioning the Results

Time to action the results!

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