Data Management Consultant

Help us create positive impact with Data!

We are passionate about releasing the potential of data that is currently locked away in government agencies. Public-sector data can, and should, be used to drive decision-making, fuel innovation and inspire change.

Deirdre Lee, Founder of Derilinx

Derilinx is growing rapidly and is looking for a Data Management Consultant to help our advisory work with Public Service Bodies.

The type of work you would do in this role

  • Data audits – these are structured surveys of data an organisation holds. Understand the data’s quality, access, and intended state. You would guide clients through the process, analyse their results and write-up the results and recommendations.
  • Data maturity assessments – a survey of the data management practices in an organisation. Similar to a data audit – work with participants, analyse the results and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Data strategies – these are big blocks of work creating multi-year plans for improving data across organisations. They involve multiple exercises to uncover the data situation in an organisation, and working with the client to build a sensible, coherent roadmap of actions.
  • Data workshops – we run workshops looking at different areas of data such as strategy goals, culture, technology and change readiness. You would run in-person workshops, presenting, and facilitating discussion.

We’re open to a range of backgrounds, so we’re more interested in your ability and confidence to do these well than if you have done them before.

There is also potential to work with the tech team on some projects, but that would be optional and depend on your skills.

Things we value in an applicant for this role

  • An understanding of data management topics (or the ability to learn about them quickly). These are topics such as data governance, open data, metadata, data architecture and data maturity.
  • Professional and friendly with clients. You’ll often work with the same client for months at a time, understanding what they want, delivering it on time and building a healthy relationship for the future. This means handling multiple meetings and deliverables and having decent project management skills. Especially as you’ll have several projects on at the same time.
  • Clear and effective English writing skills. We often write reports, slides, guidebooks and frameworks for clients. Data management can be a complex topic, so we really appreciate writing that is to the point and clearly conveys key information.
  • Knowledge and interest in how the public service can use data to carry out their goals. If you have experience with the Irish public service that’s great, but working in other countries is valuable too.
  • Tech skills. We often advise on tech improvements for clients, analyse data for projects and work with our own tech team. So, we would appreciate any tech skills you may bring – whether that’s data analysis, visualisation, scripting or programming.
  • Good in a team. We often collaborate on documents and deliverables together. You should be able to take advice onboard and respectfully give feedback and encouragement to others work. And hopefully add to our nice, friendly, small-company culture. We’re always open to improvements in how we do things.

What you can expect from the role

This is a great time to join Derilinx – a growing company with ambitious expansion plans.

It was founded In 2015 as a spin-out from the Insight Centre of Data Analytics, NUI Galway, and since then, we have been growing profitably year on year. From the outset, Open Data was an exciting and emerging market. However, over the past five years, the sector has moved from being a ‘nice to have’ to a mandatory requirement for all governments. The European Directive on Open Data and the Re-Use of Public Sector Information, also known as the ‘Open Data Directive’ (Directive (EU) 2019/1024) entered into force on 16 July 2019. This obliges governments to make their data available, in particular stimulating the publishing of dynamic data and the uptake of Application Programme Interfaces (APIs). Derilinx is ideally placed to serve these trends and provide the much needed linked and open data.

Derilinx offer:

  • A friendly and rapidly growing environment where your input will be valued
  • Personal development opportunities
  • Being part of the core team that is directly connected to the growth and the overall success of the company
  • Opportunity to use a wide range of Data, Web and AI technologies
  • Work closely with client stakeholders
  • Flexible working arrangements

The Derilinx office in Dublin is centrally located by the fantastic Fitzwilliam Square, which you can use any time. We also offer remote positions with occasional (but mandatory) in-person internal and client meetings. Plenty of notice will be given so that arrangements can be made.

At the moment, we’re a small company with just over 20 people, but we’re growing rapidly.

If you are interested, please send your CV to [email protected] indicating the role you’re applying for.

About Derilinx

Derilinx is internationally recognised as a leading provider of linked and open data solutions. We have extensive experience in the provision of fully hosted and managed data solutions, as well as providing guidance and support for data sharing and Data Governance programmes. By making it easier for clients to organise and share their data, we are paving the way for enriched data underpinning intelligent digital services.

We support both public and private sector clients in sharing data for greater insights, building data-driven Smart Cities, innovating using data intelligence, and improving data access with CKAN data portals and a portfolio of components within a wider platform. 

Our customers include the World Bank, Ireland’s Open Data Programme, UNESCO, Smart Dublin, the East West Management Institute and many other organisations that leverage open and shared data to create positive impact.