Open and Linked Data in Action

Delivering Impact through Applications and Tools

Derilinx are proud to partner with customers across the globe to support them on their Open Data and Data Sharing journey and the delivery of trusted Data Insights for positive change.

Part of our work consists on building applications that allow users to visualise data in many different ways, allowing them to extract insights directly from the graphs.

Climate Mineral Explorer Tool - World Bank Group

The Climate Mineral Explorer is an interactive tool that provides an overview of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as well as other Environmental Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects of critical minerals supply chains, from mine to clean energy technologies. The platform builds on the work of the Climate-Smart Mining Initiative (CSM).

The Utility Performance & Behaviour in Africa Today - World Bank Group

The Utility Performance & Behavior in Africa Today (UPBEAT) data platform discloses validated information on the performance of electric utilities in Sub-Saharan Africa with total 60 performance indicators in financial, operational, and transparency and accountability dimension. It facilitates an understanding of how utilities perform today and tracks the changes over time.

Clean Cooking Planning Tool - World Bank Group

Building on the analytical framework and consolidated country database developed for The State of Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services report, the Clean Cooking Planning Tool (CCPT) is designed to help energy planners, decision makers, program developers, and researchers visualize potential transition pathways to universal access to clean cooking solutions by 2030.

Quality Unknown: Global Distribution of Water Quality Risk - World Bank Group

Explore global water quality and its evolution over 20 years. This application visualises global water quality risk at a disaggregated level for the entire world, from 1992-2010 (Quality Unknown: The Invisible Water Crisis). Use this application to create maps or download data for analysis on water quality at the country or local level.

Global Electrification Platform (GEP) - World Bank Group

The Global Electrification Platform (GEP) is an open-access, open-resource, online platform that explores options for achieving universal electrification for the countries with greatest electrification deficits globally. The scenarios present pathways for achieving universal electricity access, split into an intermediate strategy for 2025 and full electrification by 2030. Users can explore 96 different scenarios (using ``levers``) to meet the access goals.

Renewable Energy Zoning Tool - World Bank Group

The Renewable Energy Zoning (REZoning) tool is an interactive, web-based platform designed to identify, visualise, and rank zones that are most suitable for the development of solar, wind, or offshore wind projects. The tool brings together spatial analysis and economic calculations into an online, user-friendly environment that allows users and decision makers to obtain insights into the technical and economic potential of renewable energy resources for all countries.

Solar PV + Storage Application - World Bank Group

Optimally sizing of the energy and power components of battery energy storage systems (BESS) is crucial to maximise the benefits of any hybrid solar plus storage plant. Battery sizing is a complex multi-dimensional problem: it requires considering many variables including the cost of the different components, application, operational regime, energy/power requirements, temperature, among others as they influence the degradation and lifetime of the battery.

Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services - World Bank Group

The Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services: Players and Initiatives Database is part of the knowledge products under the 2020 State of Access to Modern Energy Cooking Services report, developed by the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP). This qualitative database takes stock of cooking players across the globe, as well as cooking initiatives taking place at a national, regional, and global level.

Uncharted Waters: Rainfall shocks and food losses - World Bank Group

This application visualises precipitation data for the entire world over the last 100 years. Users can create maps, download data for analysis, and see the relationship between rainfall shocks, agricultural production and the resulting impact on food security. This application draws from the World Bank flagship report Uncharted Waters: The New Economics of Water Scarcity and Variability.

Women in Water Utilities - World Bank Group

This application illustrates gender gaps in employment drawing on survey results from Women in Water Utilities: Breaking Barriers report, and additional surveys collected as part of Equal Aqua platform. It contains global and regional averages for gender diversity, inclusive policies, and female-friendly work environment. Utilities can use it to compare their performance to other utilities in their region and globally.


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