Data Sharing

Finding, preparing and sharing your Data to unlock the benefits for your organisation

Often, you will want to discover what information is available across your organisation, and how this data can be accessed and used in a secure and reliable way. Data Sharing makes it easy to find the information you need through simple search, easy to access through standard download and API endpoints, and easy to understand and use through the use of common data and metadata standards.

The benefits of Data Sharing

  • Provide data-driven services
  • Enable evidence-based decision-making
  • Support organisation-wide business analytics
  • Foster collaboration and innovation
  • Increase internal transparency

Derilinx provides a complete Data Sharing Framework:

Data Catalogue

A data hub that lists all available data sources within your organisation, so that you can quickly find the information you need.

Master Data / Base Registries

Trusted and authoritative sources of information that can be reused by others.

Data Standards

Agreed-upon ways to describe data and metadata, including vocabularies and reference data.


Standardised, web-based method of data access data in a flexible and scalable manner.

Data Governance

A consistent and reliable approach to data sharing using a defined set of data policies, best practices, and structured processes.

Security and Data Protection

Robust security and data protection provisions to ensure controlled access only to those with valid permissions.

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