datAdore Roadmap

Get access to best-in-class features for your datAdore Data Portal

Do you want to offer best-in-class features in your data portal?

The new features will allow you to improve your data quality and publication process, understand your users and engage with them, and convert data to insights to improve decision making and generate positive impact.

At Derilinx we are always working on improving our datAdore Data Sharing Platform to provide our customers with the best features for their data portal. These portals are designed using datAdore Core, a CKAN based platform with the standard CKAN functionality plus improvements and additional features. 

We are constantly learning about our customer’s broader needs and wants for their data portal offerings and internal data processes. This feedback enables us to create a roadmap with high demand features.

This ongoing programme includes a series of additional features that integrate with your datAdore platform.

Upcoming features:

Enhanced Visualisation

Engage your audience with a powerful tool that allows publishers to present data visually beyond the CKAN preview functionality. This module includes two features:

  •   Data Visualisation –  It provides a data visualisation environment which allows the publisher to build statistical and analytic visualisation of the data and present it on the portal to users.
  •   Geographic Presentation/Mapping of data – it also provides tools which can recognise data containing various types of geographical information, and allows the Data Publisher to effortlessly publish the data on a map, overlaid with other data – if required

Enhanced Search

Improve your user experience by allowing them to find data more efficiently, increasing the appeal and usability of the data portal and encouraging users to explore and reuse the data.

This module provides improved search capabilities across three dimensions:

  • Metadata Heading Search – Search terms and keywords within the metadata
  • Full Data Search – Search terms and keywords within the resources
  • Geospatial Search – Search within maps and get the results displayed on the map

KPI/Quality Dashboard

Improve your data quality and engage your audience with a single page graphical display of portal and data quality statistics.

This module includes two separate dashboards: 

  • The Portal KPI Dashboard which gives the data producer / portal admin a graphic view of his chosen portal KPIs,
  • The User KPI Dashboard which allows the data producer / portal operator to provide a visual indication of key portal statistics to the portal users.

Future potential features

The features we are currently considering are:  

  • BI Tools integration improved integration with tools such as PowerBI or Tableau for users who prefer these tools to create data visualisations
  • Data Quality Validation – automated checks and reporting on dataset quality indicators
  • Non-anonymous User Access – identified access to support secure (non-open) datasets and enable collaboration tools
  • Collaboration Tools – set of tools to track users, user patterns and preferences, customer outreach & provide recommendations.

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