datAdore Data Sharing Platform

Leveraging Your Data for Sustainable Impact
  • Identification

  • Reuse

  • Publication

  • Impact

Do you know the hidden value of your data?

Find, prepare and share your data to unlock the benefits for your organisation.

datAdore is a globally deployed, configurable Data Sharing platform, paving the way for evidence-based decision-making, rich business intelligence, and advanced data innovation.

datAdore is currently deployed as the underlying platform for several Open Data and Data Sharing portals of many Governments, Public Bodies and private enterprises.

  • Discover the suite of data that is available to you 
  • Facilitate data sharing within and across organisations 
  • Remove data silos 

  • Guarantee the quality of your data 
  • Focus on the data that is in high demand 
  • Ensure ease of use for non-technical users 

  • Keep your users engaged with up-to-date data 
  • Share ready-to-use data for analysis and visualisation 
  • Create powerful actionable data insights

datAdore Can Help You

Data Publisher
Data Publisher

Identify what data sources you have in your organisation, govern data in a consistent and reliable manner, and share high quality datasets in a controlled way

Data User
Data User

Easily find the data you are looking for, understand what the data is describing, and link the data to a variety of use-cases to deliver tangible positive impact



Launch and start using your data portal immediately.


No technical know-how or coding is required


Pricing is based on transparent monthly plans


Tailor your data portal to your organisation’s branding


Easily enhance your data portal with new features


Your data portal is securely hosted on the cloud

datAdore Characteristics

  • Customisable to your data model, requirements and brand look and feel
  • Flexible – Modular and highly configurable (Open Data Portal, MDM/Data Registry, Secure Data Sharing platform)
  • Reliable – Monitored 24/7
  • Innovative – Evolving product roadmap

  • Functional
    • Enhanced search capabilities
    • Enriched data visualisation and exploration environment 
    • KPI and reporting dashboards Functional – extends CKAN functionality with enhancement modules
    • Data preparation and data quality assurance tools

datAdore Architecture (click to see more)

datAdore Dataflow

datAdore Data Flow

Modular Architecture

datAdore Modular Architecture

Choose Your Plan

All plans include the following features:

  • Fully hosted & managed CKAN data-sharing portal
  • Supports publication of 5-star Open Data
  • Rich keyword, faceted and filtered search
  • Powerful API for programmatic access
  • Fully standardised DCAT metadata

  • Enables access to real-time data streams, e.g. from IoT sources.
  • Multi-user support, with explicit user roles.
  • User-friendly interface, with organisation branding
  • Supports data harvesting from a number of sources.
  • Intuitive data previews and visualisations

  • PRO

  • 399/MO
  • Recommended for

    • Small Government Agencies
    • Schools
    • SMEs


    • Up to 1,000 datasets
    • Up to 100 users
    • Up to 10GB data storage

Best Deal

  • 599/MO
  • Recommended for

    • Medium Government Agencies
    • Non-Profits
    • Universities


    • Up to 5,000 datasets
    • Up to 500 users
    • Up to 50GB data storage


  • 899/MO
  • Recommended for

    • Multinationals
    • Large Government Agencies
    • Large Organisations


    • Unlimited datasets
    • Unlimited users
    • Up to 200GB data storage

Expert Consultancy Services

  • Data sharing strategy 
  • Data sharing programme management 
  • Data audit 
  • Data preparation and cleansing 
  • Platform hosting and management 
  • Analytics and application development 
  • Portal impact enhancement 
  • Community building and ecosystem management 

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