New features for developers now available on

Even for a seasoned developer, learning a new system from documentation alone can be an unappetising proposition. With the launch of a series of Jupyter Notebooks in the Developer’s Corner of, developers can now refactor and run their own code within a guided environment.

Get up to speed and start manipulating Ireland’s Open Data in no time at all!

Through a series of straightforward examples, different ways to interact with the CKAN API using Python are introduced including:

  • An introduction to the CKAN API
    • Explore core CKAN API functions and learn the grammar of surfacing information on a resource, dataset and publisher level


  • Data enrichment

    • Takes a dataset of libraries in Limerick and fetches additional address and opening hours data from the web.


  • Combining multiple data sources

  • A specific use-case; standardising Library data across three datasets with different structures, processing the geospatial information, then visualising on a map.

  • Analysing publisher metadata

  • Explore “Organization” metadata (what CKAN calls our Publishers). Mine that metadata for statistical analysis and to create graph and chart visualisations.

All of these notebooks can be run live in your browser via the Google Colab platform or direct from the repository and are completely customisable.

The repository is open and we welcome pull requests with Notebooks developed by anyone who might be interested in doing so. Let us know what you develop with Ireland’s Open Data!