Building the Electrifying Africa Integrated Data Platform – Derilinx & The World Bank Energy Practice

We are excited to announce that we will be building the Electrifying Africa Integrated Data Platform together with the World Bank Energy Practice.

The World Bank is a significant collector of Open Data across the variety of programmes it enables.

This data is available across a range of connected platforms:

  • EnergyData.Info, WB’s Renewable Energy Open Data platform constitutes the primary significant knowledge base where raw open data is accessible for preview and download.
  • Dedicated websites including RISE and SDG7 enable users to query access to both indicators and scores across a range of geographies and pillars.
  • The Global Electrification Platform application is an open access, interactive, online platform that allows for overview of electrification investment scenarios for a selection of countries.
  • The Africa Electrification Platform (launched internally in 2021) enables users to Explore electrification planning activities in the Africa Region, interact with country data and explore different scenario results.
  • The Utility Performance & Behaviour in Africa Today (UPBEAT) data platform enables users to both interact with Energy Utilities performance indicators and download underlying data.
World Bank - Energy Data Hub
World Bank - Energy Data Hub
World Bank - Global Electrification Platform
World Bank - Global Electrification Platform
World Bank - Utility Performance & Behavior in Africa Today
World Bank - UPBEAT App

In this context the WB have identified the opportunity to build a One-Stop-Shop Integrated Data Platform relating to the Electrifying Africa Programme. Derilinx will work with the Energy Team to deliver:

  • A Data Visualisation platform (dashboard and map layers) that will enable users to access, for each country, key information in the form of policy/status/performance indicators, as well as GIS information.
  • A Data Sharing platform enabling Governments to enter and update their energy access ambition in the form of set targets, categorised actions and needed areas of support.
  • A Data Sharing platform enabling donors and sector stakeholders to provide details for different types of projects in the form of numeric and textual data 
  • An Electrifying Africa statistics page with key metrics (e.g. new connections, watt capacity, etc.) and country level information.

The Pilot Phase of this project will deliver the key functionalities for a subset of countries including Nigeria, DR Congo and Ethiopia.

The World Bank Energy Practice and Derilinx have built a close partnership over the years, resulting in amazing Open Data initiatives, such as Electrifying Africa, to deliver positive impact aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals, specially SDG7. 

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