A Data Audit for the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) – OGP Framework in Action!

Ireland’s Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) is leveraging the OGP Framework for Technical Services for Open Data and Data Management to avail of Derilinx expert services.

In the context of the new Open Data and PSI Directive, there is an opportunity (and requirement) to complete a Data Audit across the Organisation to ensure that all data that can be open is effectively open over time.

The completion of a Data Audit Exercise has the following goals in mind:

  • Complete a stock take of the datasets that are available across the organisation;
  • Establish which datasets are suitable for sharing (internally/externally);
  • Establish compliance with key regulation (e.g. GDPR);
  • Identify improvement in data governance practices; and
  • Support building a business case for further implementation of improvement activities linked to CCPC’s Data Management practices.

The ability of delivering Data Audits is important both for open and internal data sharing perspectives. A pilot Data Audit exercise will be completed to demonstrate both the value as well as experience the process/tools to be used.

This pilot process will be focused on the Corporate Services Division of the organisation and will include knowledge transfer activities.

Derilinx will provide a Data Audit Framework, consisting of methodologies, processes and templates for cataloguing. As part of this deliverable, a complete Data Audit will be carried out in partnership with nominated liaisons in the Corporate Services Division of CCPC.

This Framework can then be adopted by other business units across the organisation. Therefore, this deliverable includes both the result of the audit of the pilot area as well as the reusable Data Audit Framework consisting of methodologies, processes and templates.

The Derilinx Data Audit Framework follows best practice outlined in the Digital Curation Centre’s Data Asset Framework. The Data Audit Framework (DAF) is a set of methods to:

  • Find out what data assets are being created and held within institutions
  • Explore how those data are stored, managed, shared and reused
  • Identify any risks e.g. misuse, data loss or irretrievability
  • Learn about stakeholders’ attitudes towards data creation and sharing
  • Suggest ways to improve ongoing data management

This Audit exercise will enable the organisation to identify/understand within the initial list of priority datasets:

  • The extent and range of datasets that exist, their format and how their lifecycle
  • The ranking of datasets in terms of their importance to the delivery of CCPC services and the perceived gaps in useful data that might help the delivery of these objectives
  • The potential for sharing datasets within CCPC as an organisation and the wider public / public sector

Using strict data governance processes, each data asset can be reviewed for suitability for data sharing. The data asset can remain as private data, approved for sharing with certain stakeholders, or approved for publication as Open Data.

Read more about Derilinx’s Data Audit Framework.

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