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A Data Audit for the Valuation Office in Ireland – OGP Framework in Action!

Ireland’s Valuation Office is leveraging the OGP Framework for Technical Services for Open Data and Data Management to avail of Derilinx expert services.

The Valuation Office is an independent Government Office, under the aegis of Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, dedicated to provide accurate, up-to-date valuations of commercial and industrial properties.

The organisation already publishes Open Data on Ireland’s National Open Data Portal, including the Valuation Office/Tailte Éireann’s API, which is one of the most popular APIs in the portal.

The Valuation Office recognised that there is an opportunity to open more datasets from across the organisation and they chose to leverage the OGP Framework and work with Derilinx to build a publication plan and learn how to carry out data audits independently in the future.

Derilinx will provide a Data Audit Framework, consisting of methodologies, processes and templates for cataloguing.

You can learn more about Derilinx’s Data Audit Framework here.

You can find all public projects coming from the OGP Framework here.

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