A Data Inventory Assessment and Data Catalogue for Teagasc – OGP Framework in Action!

Teagasc is leveraging the OGP (Office of Government Procurement) Framework for Technical Services for Open Data and Data Management to avail of Derilinx expert services in data management and publishing.

Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority, is the national body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities. Their mission is to support science-based innovation in the agri-food sector and wider bioeconomy so as to underpin profitability, competitiveness and sustainability.

Teagasc manages a large amount of data. The organisation recognised that there is an opportunity to get a better understanding of the data they hold and establish a data management process, including data publication both internally and open to the public.

This project is divided in 2 categories as defined in the Technical Framework:

Category 1: Pilot Data Inventory Assessment

This project will start with Pilot Data Inventory Assessment (DIA), which involves identifying and documenting what data is available, how it is managed, who has access to it and its potential value and utility. This assessment can assist Teagasc in making informed decisions about data governance, privacy, data catalogues, and utilisation. It also provides Teagasc with guidance for a comprehensive data strategy.

In a full DIA each business unit will survey their data and complete a standard template with information on each dataset they hold. Given the size of Teagasc’s data holdings, it was decided to first run a pilot DIA, which is a smaller, initial version of a full DIA. In this case, each unit will report only on two of their datasets instead of on the full list.

Category 2: Data Catalogue Solution 

Derilinx will enable the cataloguing and assessment of Teagasc datasets by implementing its datAdore data sharing platform. datAdore is a data management platform, based on CKAN, which enables data visibility and sharing as a foundation for compliance, transparency, business intelligence and data ecosystem development.

This platform is currently deployed as the underlying platform for several Open Data and Data Sharing portals of many Governments, Public Bodies and private enterprises both in Ireland and internationally.

The benefits of using datAdore include:

  • Increased visibility of data sources
  • Consistent description of data
  • Better compliance with regulation
  • Wider utilisation of data
  • Improved data governance
  • More efficient data processes

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