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A Data Management Framework for the Environmental Protection Agency in Ireland – OGP Framework in Action!

Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is leveraging the OGP Framework for Technical Services for Open Data and Data Management  to avail of Derilinx expert services. 

Last year the EPA, with the expert support of Derilinx, completed a Data Audit exercise linked to Bathing Water Data. This exercise successfully demonstrated a practical, business-friendly, framework for data audits; it defined concrete opportunities for improvement and it illustrated, even within the limited scope of Bathing Water Data, the benefits of good Data Management practices. 

Building on this momentum, there is an opportunity to establish a Data Management Programme that will set a clear vision, lay out business cases and priorities and establish a set of initiatives for the EPA going forward, covering both Open and Internal Data. 

Derilinx will provide the EPA with a DAMA-DMBOK compliant Shared Data Management Framework that has been designed to help organisations quickly assess their current processes and build an outline vision for Data Management. The easy-to-use framework will help the EPA both document current practices (“As-Is” state) and establish an outline vision (“To-Be” state). 

The key objective of this intervention is to establish the priority areas linked to Shared Data Management (extendible to wider Data Management practice). Once priorities are established, the EPA will be in a position to shape a more detailed programme of work, including the definition of clear requirements for specific external supports to successfully deliver this programme. 

Within this framework the EPA will complete: 

  • A data audit
  • A data maturity assessment
  • A roadmap and data publication plan

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