Derilinx delivered a full Data Strategy for the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission – OGP in Action!

Last year we posted about the start of a data audit for the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission in Ireland (CCPC). This was the first step of the process to deliver a full data strategy.

For this data audit and subsequent stages of the data strategy, CCPC leveraged the OGP Framework for Technical Services for Open Data and Data Management to avail of Derilinx services.

The data audit was carried out in late-2022. As summary, the participants identified more than 300 data assets across all divisions and provided important information on each asset on their quality, access, demand and potential impact.

Derilinx highlighted the potential for much more internal sharing and open publishing of data. Participants agreed on the positive impact to have a more complete view of the data landscape which can provide a foundation for building and maintaining better data infrastructure in the future.

Among other recommendations, Derilinx suggested to create a well organise, accessible data catalogue and to publish directly on, which are the 2 most common suggestions for Public Service Bodies that own a considerable amount of data.

Second stage of the process to create a data strategy was a data maturity assessment to review data management practices in the CCPC. This  used  a  standardised  process  from  the  Office  of  the  Government  Chief  Information  Officer  (OGCIO)  that  allows  for  a  comparison  of  data  maturity level with other Irish public service bodies.

Third stage consisted on three workshops to gather ideas from staff on data opportunities, organisational readiness and roadmapping.


This is the first data strategy for the CCPC, and it sets out their vision, mission and planned actions  for  the  next  three  years.

The CCPC data strategy is a comprehensive plan that brings together a range of different data work initiatives to improve their data and data capabilities. It outlines a coherent body of work across the themes of business, technology, and people.

This  strategy  builds  on  a  key  initiative  from  the  CCPC’s  2021-2023  ICT  Strategy,  which  focused on developing and implementing a data management strategy and architecture, including reporting and analytics

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