Derilinx and ADAPT awarded the UNESCO Ocean InfoHub (OIH) Project

Derilinx are extremely proud to announce that, together with ADAPT, we have been awarded the UNESCO Ocean InfoHub (OIH) Project. This project aims to improve access to oceans information, data and knowledge products for management and sustainable development. 

The project supports discovery and interoperability of existing information systems, as opposed to building a new database.

Interoperability is at the centre of the Vision linked to OIH: the Ocean Data and Information System (ODIS) architecture, which will provide an interoperability layer and supporting technology to allow existing and emerging ocean data and information systems, from any stakeholder, to interoperate with one another.

OIH ODIS Catalogue

A global search portal will be developed as a working demonstration of ODIS. 


Bringing Linked Data together in a consumable way to help make a positive sustainable impact , in this case Oceans, this is what Derilinx is all about! Thank you UNESCO team and to our partners ADAPT!

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