EU Datathon 22

EU Datathon 2022 – Derilinx is providing mentoring sessions to teams in challenge 4

As part of our ‘Giving Back to the Community’ approach, Derilinx will be mentoring participants in the selected teams in Challenge 4 – A Europe fit for the Digital Age.

‘The European Green Deal’, ‘Transparency in public procurement’, ‘EU public procurement opportunities for young people’ and ‘A Europe fit for the digital age’, these are four challenges put forward for this year´s edition of EU Datathon. The call for submission of proposals for apps built on EU open data and contributing to these challenges has resulted in 156 ideas from 121 teams, coming from 38 countries.

Only for Challenge 4 – A Europe fit for the digital era, there were 59 submissions from 31 different countries. 6 projects have been selected to move to the next stage of the competition and develop their projects.

The selected projects are:

  • 100 Europeans (Greece)
  • Ajapaik (Estonia/Findland)
  • Data-Ray (Poland)
  • EURegMed (Italy)
  • Lobium / Gavagai (Netherlands / UK / Sweeden)
  • Unior NLP (Italy)

Derilinx will be involved in this challenge with a role of mentor for the selected teams. Derilinx’s employees such as Pierre Baviera (CEO), Adriano Amaral (Product & Project Manager and Open Data Expert) and Katharine Cooney (Data Analyst) will be sharing their knowledge and experience with participants in the form of mentoring sessions to provide feedback and guidance on the overall strategy, data strategy and data visualisation.