Limerick City and County Council

An Open Data Audit and Data Portal for Limerick City and County Council – OGP Framework in Action!

Limerick City and County Council has formed the high level vision to become a truly data centric organisation that will leverage the power of data to drive better informed decision-making, improve services and innovate. The organisation is leveraging the OGP Framework for Technical Services for Open Data and Data Management to avail of Derilinx expert services. 

Derilinx will provide specialised Data Audit Services and build Limerick’s Data Portal. 

With the support of Derilinx’s Data Audit experts, the Limerick City and County Council dedicated team will be able to: 

  • Find out what data assets are being created and held within institutions. 
  • Explore how those data are stored, managed, shared and reused; 
  • Identify any risks e.g. misuse, data loss or irretrievability; 
  • Learn about stakeholders’ attitudes towards data creation and sharing; 
  • Suggest ways to improve ongoing data management

The Data Portal will be built on Derilinx’s datAdore Open-Source Data Sharing Platform. This portal will be used both as the Open Data and the Data Sharing Platform which will enable Limerick City and County Council to publish Open Data (that can be harvested into automatically) and also manage internal data more effectively.


This is one of the first projects for Local Authorities in Ireland with a very strong focus on Smart City. We are excited to be contributing to an Open Data Ireland for all. 

You can find all public projects coming from the OGP Framework here.

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