Kildare County Council

An Open Data Audit and Data Portal for Kildare County Council – OGP Framework in Action!

Kildare County Council has formed the high level vision to become a truly data centric organisation that will leverage the power of data to drive better informed decision-making, improve services and innovate.

The organisation is leveraging the OGP Framework for Technical Services for Open Data and Data Management to avail of Derilinx expert services. 

Derilinx are supporting Kildare County Council on the move from being data rich to becoming insight rich by delivering a:

Data Audit Framework: The Data Audit Framework consists of methodologies, processes and templates for cataloguing. As part of this deliverable, a complete Data Audit will be carried out in partnership with nominated liaisons in the nominated business units/department of Kildare County Council.

Data Portal: The Data Portal, built on Derilinx datAdore Open-Source Data Sharing Platform, will cover both open and private datasets and will take the form of a portal with managed access from the Public and County Council Employees.

Data Strategy: Derilinx will provide a Data Strategy centred on delivering tangible business benefits to the organisation. This strategy will be based on three pillars:

  1. Business Opportunities / Use Cases 
  2. Right data and technology supply 
  3. Organisational readiness to produce and act on insights 

A practical outcome focused roadmap structured around the above three pillars will guide Kildare’s County Council effort towards becoming an insight rich organisation.


The combination of the three aspects will allow the organisation to effectively form a robust evidence-base decision making, improve digital services and enable digital innovation.

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