Sport Ireland launches the new ‘Get Ireland Active’ database

Sport Ireland, the authority responsible for the development of sport in Ireland, recently launched the new “Get Ireland Active” database. This innovative platform is Ireland’s most comprehensive activity, sport and recreation website.

This project marks a significant milestone in Ireland, redefining the landscape for individuals who value an active lifestyle or aspire to become more physically engaged. It is the definitive resource for information, advice, directions, and tips for people of all ages and abilities anywhere in the country to get active and take full advantage of the amenities around them.

At Derilinx, we are delighted about the website launch and take great pride in our partnership with Esri Ireland to bring this project to life for Sport Ireland.

Eric Soroos, Peter Ryder and Stephen Murphy from Derilinx at the Get Ireland Active launch event.

More about the project

Get Ireland Active brings together the collective resources of the Government of Ireland, Sport Ireland, local authorities, state agencies, local sports partnerships, and Irish sport’s national governing bodies to capture all sports facilities and places for people to be active in Ireland in one free, convenient, and comprehensive website, with an app due to launch in 2024.

There are already well over 10,000 opportunities to be active in the database, including 6,000 clubs, 4,000 locations and 1,000 trails. Data has come from over 60 authoritative sources, with more coming on board every day.

The database connects everyone who wants to move and be active with every resource around that can help them begin, improve, or supercharge their activity journey. The database includes up-to-date, accurate information on opportunities to be active in Ireland. These include Sports and recreation facilities; public places such as playgrounds; and trails for walking, running, and biking. Each search can be filtered to check accessibility as well as amenities such as parking and changing facilities.

Get Ireland Active will support greater access and usage of facilities and amenities in the near term. The database will also help the Government of Ireland, Sport Ireland, Local Authorities and National Governing Bodies of Sport improve how sports and recreational facilities and amenities are planned and managed. It will give comprehensive data and insights that will help with investment and planning decisions to meet the future needs of active participants at all levels.

Get Ireland Active is at the beginning of its journey and it will continually develop as more partners add details of their facilities to the database.

To find opportunities to get active in your local area, visit

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