Data Audit for the Valuation Office

The Valuation Office (now Tailte Éireann)’s Data Audit report is published! – OGP Framework in action

A few months ago we announced that Ireland’s Valuation Office (now rebranded as Tailte Éireann) was leveraging the  OGP Framework for Technical Services for Open Data and Data Management to partner with Derilinx on a data audit for the data they hold and a publication plan for the data that can be openly published.. 

The Valuation Office recently published the report of the data audit on their website

Summary of the work

Derilinx carried out a data audit with eight departments of the Valuation Office in late 2022. The departments were: Accounts, Corporate Services, Procurement, Public Office and Archives, Human Resources, Management Support, ICT and the Valuation Administration Department.

Representatives from each division provided information on their data in a template and our team carried out the necessary analysis to answer what is the current state of data within the organisation and what should be done next to improve the state of this data. 

Among other findings, the data audit revealed that the Valuation Office holds 48 data assets, from which 12 are already published or partially published externally (4 in Also, 14 additional datasets were identified as being suitable for publishing as open data

Some of the the main recommendations from Derilinx are: 

  • Create a well organised, accessible data catalogue
  • Publish on to and the Public Service Data Catalogue
  • Investigate if more currently closed data can be openly published using anonymisation

Valuation Office Data Audit Report

Read the full report here.


We are very proud of the work we have done with the Valuation Office and we are looking forward to continuing to work with them and other Public Service Bodies on the development of their open and shared data programmes. 

You can find all public projects coming from the OGP Framework here.

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