Open Data

Derilinx provides end-to-end Open Data management for Public Sector Bodies and private organisations

At Derilinx, we believe that and end-to-end Data management process is key to identify, manage and publish (Open) Data seamlessly.

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End-to-End (Open) Data Journey

Identity Datasets through a Data Audit

Our Data Audit Framework provides a proven method for the identification of datasets, the compilation of a comprehensive inventory, and the definition of clear recommendations for managing this information and sharing it in a controlled environment.

Prepare Data for Publication

In order for data to be actionable and meet business objectives, it needs to be of high quality. This means that the data should be kept up-to-date, the data should be accurate, complete, etc. In order for the data to be usable, it should be available in open, machine-readable formats, such as CSV, JSON or XML. The 5-star model helps guide publishers to release data that is easy to use.

Make Data Accesible Online

Open Data should be openly accessible, meaning that it is easy to retrieve on the Internet. Datasets can be made available as downloadable files or through an API. Data downloads are simple for any users to fetch a standalone dataset, and start to browse and use it straight-away. However if the data is large or updates frequently, it may make more sense to allow a user to access slices of the data programmatically via an API.

Add to Open Data Portal

While the data may be accessible online, it may still be difficult for potential users to find the data when they need it. Open Data Portals or Catalogues help users to browse and search through datasets to find the information that is relevant for them and their use-case. Open Data Portals provide rich metadata that helps users understand what a dataset contains, how it was created, when it was last updated, etc. For more information on data portals, see datAdore.

Create insights with analytics & visualisation

Once Open Data is discoverable, accessible and usable, the opportunities for its application is endless. The availability of Open Data paves the way for evidence-based decision-making, rich business intelligence, and advanced data innovation. Both people from inside your organisation and outside will find it easier to discover the information they need, driving decision-making and inspiring change.

Featured Data Management Services

Data Audit
Identifying and understanding your data to better share it within and outside your organisation (Open Data)

Data Maturity Assessment
Building a Roadmap to manage your Data effectively

Data Strategy
Transforming your public or private organisation from Data rich to Insights rich

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