The services and tools you need to start or progress your (Open) Data journey

Derilinx provide the technology data platforms (in open source) and the expert services to help organisations unleash the power of shared data and deliver positive change.

Data Management Services

These range of services help organisations understand their data, improve their data management and plan their data journey in a straightforward and efficient way.

In our services, we use standards and templates to streamline the process and, at the same time, the services can be customised for each organisation, giving them the flexibility to focus on what’s really important.

Our data management services are organised in 3 categories:


Get a comprehensive view of the data you hold, understand the systems you have in place, and extract valuable insights using data science and data visualisation.


Evaluate your data management to identify the level of maturity, develop policies, and assess your legislative environment to (re)establish your data needs.


Find opportunities to enhance your data journey with data science and AI, create a plan for publishing your data, and develop an organisation-wide data strategy.

Technical Services

Our technical services are focused on helping organisations manage their data better, share it internally or externally as open data, and getting insights from it.

Our platform datAdore is built on CKAN. It is a globally deployed, configurable data sharing platform, paving the way for evidence-based decision-making, rich business intelligence, and advanced data innovation.

datAdore is currently deployed as the underlying platform for several Open Data and Data Sharing portals of many Governments, Public Bodies and private enterprises.

datAdore for (Open) Data Sharing

Identify, manage and publish (Open) Data seamlessly all within the same platform.

CKAN Services

Leverage international CKAN expertise for fast development and excellent support.

Web Applications

Visualise your data in many different ways to extract insights directly from the graphs.

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