Derilinx Platform

According to Gartner, data growth remains IT's biggest challenge. However increased data generation also presents unique opportunities. One sector that is positioned for particular growth is the Public Sector.

Data is a valuable resource for Government Bodies and can be used to drive decision-making, fuel innovation and inspire change. For example, water-level monitoring can help determine flooding patterns and lead to customised mitigation plans.

In order for data to be useful, it has to be easy to find, easy to use, and of high quality. This is where Derilinx comes in. The Derilinx Platform provides a complete data discovery and data governance solution, enabling efficient and reliable public-services.

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Open Data Publishing

An increasing number of organisations are adopting Open Data policies to promote transparency and inspire innovation. Open Data refers to information that is made publicly available in open and machine-readable formats, so that it can easily be used by anyone. Publishing Open Data has huge benefits, from enabling informed decision-making, to fuelling real-time business intelligence. Examples of Open Government Data include transport scheduling data, environmental flooding data, and public-expenditure data.

The implementation of Open Data in practice can be challenging. Common questions facing authorities include what data to publish, how to securely publish data, and where should data be published? The Derilinx Team have been working with Open Data since 2010. We provide both business and technical support for the publication of Open Data.

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CKAN Development Catalog

Derilinx is a leading provider of CKAN development and hosting, including the maintenance of the Irish Open Data Portal on behalf of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, and the development of Dublin City Council’s Open Data Portal

CKAN is a powerful, open-source, data portal technology. It is used by governments and organisations around the world to facilitate publication of data. CKAN was developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation and is today overseen and managed by the CKAN Association.

Derilinx provides a number of CKAN services, including deployment, hosting, custom development and training.

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