DataSparks helps property owners to make energy-upgrade decisions, resulting in reduced energy costs, increased property value and a warmer, more comfortable home or building.

In response to the 2012 European Energy Efficiency Directive, the Irish Government set out a target for a 20% improvement in energy efficiency across the whole economy by 2020. If Ireland is to achieve this target, approximately 75,000 homes and businesses will need to be upgraded for improved energy efficiency every year between now and 2020. DataSparks is designed to help you make smart and cost effective choices for your property and your future.

Evaluate Energy-Efficiency Upgrades

DataSparks enables any property to be smartly retrofitted for reduced energy usage by fully calculating cost, financial savings and efficiency gains of suitable efficiency upgrades. DataSparks combines this information with both available grants and local contractors to present the user with everything they need to know in just a few seconds.

DataSparks incorporates up-to-date market information to ensure that property owners receive reliable and timely recommendations on retrofitting options, financial supports and registered contractors. DataSparks ensures sustainable energy efficiency results and cost savings through structural upgrades.