Open Data Publishing

An increasing number of organisations are adopting Open Data policies to promote transparency and inspire innovation. Open Data refers to information that is made publicly available in open and machine-readable formats, so that it can easily be used by anyone. Publishing Open Data has huge benefits, from enabling informed decision-making, to fuelling real-time business intelligence. Examples of Open Government Data include transport scheduling data, environmental flooding data, and public-expenditure data.

The implementation of Open Data in practice can be challenging. Common questions facing authorities include what data to publish, how to securely publish data, and where should data be published? The Derilinx Team have been working with Open Data since 2010. We provide both business and technical support for the publication of Open Data.

Business Support

Traditionally data management falls under the remit of the IT department; technical solutions are found to warehouse, clean and analyse data. However, Open Data is the responsibility of all staff within an organisation, as anyone can be a data publisher or a data consumer.

A clear Open Data Policy ensures a consistent approach and that Open Data is an integral function of all arms of the organisation. An Open Data Governance Strategy defines a clear approach on how deliver the Open Data Policy, including the definition of business goals and objectives, specific roles and responsibilities, and impact measurement.

Derilinx can help define custom Open Data Governance Strategies, in addition to working together with Business Units on how to identify high-value datasets and incorporate the publication of Open Data into existing practices.

Technical Support

For potential users, data can be difficult to understand (messy, incomplete), difficult to access (siloed IT systems), and difficult to use (proprietary formats, not up-to-date).

Derilinx provides technical support to help organisations prepare and publish Open Data. We ensure that Open Data is compliant with international best practices, such as the W3C Data on the Web Best Practices and the W3C Data Catalog Vocabulary (DCAT) In particular, we can support the following elements of Open Data Publishing:

  • Metadata
  • Data Formats
  • Data Standards
  • Data Quality
  • Sensitive Data
  • Data Access
  • Data Versioning
Technical Support