Derilinx Platform

According to Gartner, data growth remains IT's biggest challenge. However increased data generation also presents unique opportunities. One sector that is positioned for particular growth is the Public Sector.

Data is a valuable resource for Government Bodies and can be used to drive decision-making, fuel innovation and inspire change. For example, water-level monitoring can help determine flooding patterns and lead to customised mitigation plans.

In order for data to be useful, it has to be easy to find, easy to use, and of high quality. This is where Derilinx comes in. The Derilinx Platform provides a complete data discovery and data governance solution, enabling efficient and reliable public-services.

The Derilinx Platform supports the following features:

Data Governance

Support a consistent and reliable approach to data handling in your organisation using a standard set of data policies, best practices, and structured processes. Inherent data governance leads to better oversight and management of all data assets.

Data Stewardship

Improve collaboration by including all members of your organisation in data management. Clearly defined data stewardship roles and responsibilities enable people to use data appropriately and make decisions quickly.

Data Discovery

Unleash the potential of your data by making sure it can be discovered when needed, not hidden in a database or tucked away on a website. Having data on hand ensures users can find the information they need and are more likely to reuse it.

Data Profiling

Ensure your data is understandable by as wide an audience as possible by profiling it using open and web-based standards. Describing the context, content, structure and quality of data will help users decide whether and how to reuse it.

Data Enrichment

Guarantee high-quality data that is complete, standardised and accurate. Enriching data makes it more understandable, processable and easy-to-use, enhancing its overall value. Publishing enriched data also fosters trust.

Data Sharing

Promote secure data usage through carefully controlled data access and sharing. Putting in place data sharing mechanisms will ensure safe data utilisation, in addition to a common understanding of good data practices and controls.