Virtual Round Table – Accelerating Open Data Programmes to support Public Service Digital Transformation and Economic Recovery (May 19, 2021)

May 19, 2021    2 pm – 3.30 pm (CET)

Registration is by invitation only

The practical perspectives and experiences of National Open Data Programme Leaders to drive Open Data Initiatives and demonstrate a sustainable Business Case for Economic Growth.

This Virtual Round Table (by invitation only*) will bring you, National Open Data Programme Leaders, together to share how to accelerate the growth of your programmes to create Post-Pandemic Economy Recovery impact.

*If you’re interested in participating but you haven’t received an invite, please send us an email and we will review your specific case.

About the Context

Covid 19 Pandemic has been an extra-ordinary catalyst to demonstrating the need for Open Data and the power of data sharing data to inform decisions at local, national and international levels.

Your National Open Data Programmes have been key to making this happen.

Citizen Centric Public Service Digital Transformation will be a key role to economic recovery as Nations reopen and address the post-pandemic economic imperative.

Accelerating your National Open Data Programmes will be key to making this happen!

The new Directive on Open Data and the re-use of Public Sector Information entered into force in July 2019 and compliance related activities are still required.

If Open Data is set to deliver against the promise of transparency, improved public services, innovation and overall citizens’ engagement, EU countries have to accelerate efforts to develop/grow the Open Data Programmes that you are leading.

National Open Data Programmes have chosen different approaches to legislation, standard definition, Data Portals, impact monitoring and overall ecosystem enablement and management.

About the Virtual Round Table

In this 1.5 hour Online Round Table, moderated by the Derilinx team, you, leaders of EU Open Data Programmes will be able to share successes, tips and challenges linked to the delivery of the Open Data “Promise” and how to successfully grow your programmes.

About Derilinx

Derilinx has been at the heart of Open Data in Ireland and internationally since inception in supporting Public Service Organisations plan and execute Data Initiatives and realise tangible benefits linked to Open/Shared data in the publication and the delivery of benefits.

Derilinx has been a long standing partner to Ireland Open Data Programme that has been for many years in the trend setter category (and Number 1 for three consecutive years) of the EU Open Data Maturity Report. Ireland’s Open Data Programme is also ranked No 3 in OECD rankings.

Other customers include the Office of the Government CIO (Ireland), Family & Children Welfare Agency (Ireland), the Health Service Executive (Ireland), the World Bank Group, the East West Management Institute, the International Aid Transparency Initiative.

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