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Webinar – It is Time to Reap the Benefits of Open Data and Data Sharing – July 6th, 2021

A Practical Guide to Improving Data Management

July 6th, 2021 – 9.30 AM – 10.30 AM (BST) – Postponed, Date TBC

The Public Service Data Strategy 2019-2023 sets out an ambitious vision for Public Service Bodies seamlessly sharing data that can be trusted to deliver better, more efficient innovative services to Citizens.

Interoperability Platform PSBS

The Covid-19 Pandemic has magnified the need for both opening public service data to the public for increased transparency and sharing data across government for better decision-making in a time of crisis.

Whilst data sharing during a pandemic highlights the benefits of Linked and Open Data, a number of Public Service Bodies face challenges putting in place data management practices to maximise the use of this critical asset.

The dedicated round table webinar, gathering senior representatives of Public Service Bodies, will focus on establishing the business case linked to Open Data and Data Sharing.:

  • The demonstrable benefits and success stories
  • Typical challenges and how to address these including
    • Stewardship of data as a critical asset – the Chief Data Officer role
    • Data management practices
    • Open standards 
    • Awareness and skills development
    • Data Infrastructure
    • Base Registries

Join us on July 6th and start improving your data management practices for better data sharing and tangible service impact.

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