A Decade of Open Data - Tuesday, April 13 - 10AM

Let’s Talk Data – A Decade of Open Data – The World Bank’s Webinar (April 13, 2021)

This event explored what the World Bank has learned from a Decade of Open Data, the state of Open Data today, including the extent to which Open Data policies have been sustainable around the world, leading to lasting impacts over time. Speakers and panelists discussed World Bank support for the Open Data agenda today, including recent Open Data platforms and initiatives across the institution on topics such as water and energy, and what’s ahead for the future of Open Data.

Speakers and panelists included:

  • Haishan Fu – Director, Development Data Group – World Bank
  • Fabrizio Scrollini – Executive Director – Open Data Latin American Initiative
  • Esha Zaveri – Economist, Water Global Practice – The World Bank
  • Jason Russ – Senior Economist, Sustainable Development Practice Group – The World Bank
  • Tigran Parvanyan – Energy Specialist, Energy & Extractives Global Practice – The World Bank
  • Silvana Fumega – Research & Policy Director – Open Data Latin American Initiative
  • Deirdre Lee – Co-Founder – Derilinx
  • Rochelle O’Hagan – Data Scientist, Development Data Group – The World Bank

Let’s Talk Data was brought to you by the World Bank’s Development Data Group.

Watch the recording of the session below

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