Environmental and Social Initiative – OGP Framework in Action!

On January 2022 the Open Data Unit at the Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform and the Office of Government Procurement made effective a procurement framework to facilitate access to specialist Open Data and Data Sharing skills and platforms – awarded to Derilinx and the Open Data Institute.

More than 30 public organisations have already leveraged the Technical Services Framework for Open Data and Data Management Framework for the Irish Public Sector. The provision of technical services for Open Data and Data Management is divided in 3 different areas: Data Management, Open Data Platform Solution, and ad-hoc consultancy advice and support services for Open Data and Data Management.

Niall Ó Brolcháin,
We were delighted to work with Derilinx who were a great help and support for our recent very successful European Open Data Mapathon involving 184 participants from right across Europe. Thanks to the framework they were facilitated in donating hours in the build-up to the event. We have every intention of building on our relationship with Derilinx.

Niall O'Brolchain, Project Lead at Insight Centre for Data Analytics

As part of this Framework, Derilinx is committed to dedicate a percentage of the hours of work received from the framework back to the community, specifically for environmental and social projects. These hours of work are completely free of charge, benefiting many organisations. The only requirements are that the project or initiative is linked to open data and that it has a social or environmental aspect to benefit the wider community.

The pro-bono services available include: conducting a data inventory or data maturity assessment, improving data management practices, developing a data strategy, receiving advice on how best publish data, or getting expert support on specific initiatives such as challenges, hackathons, etc.

We have already invested hundreds of hours in helping organisations understand more about their data, improve their data management, and getting support for specific initiatives. Some examples include:

If your organisation has an environmental or social aspect and you would like support with your open data matters, get in touch. We’ll arrange an initial call to assess if your project meets the requirements and what would be the best way to leverage our pro-bono hours.

If you don’t meet the social or environmental requirement but need help with data-related issues, please get in touch to schedule your initial consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

Stephen Murray
The framework gives us the opportunity to help organisations get the most of their data, improving their services and decision-making for the benefit of the wider community. The “environmental and social” component is like the cherry on the top of the cake, enabling us to support organisations and initiatives designed to deliver a positive impact that would otherwise lack access these services.

Stephen Murray, CEO at Derilinx

Read more about the framework and about some the projects delivered.

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